Vesa Manninen - Film Director

Hailing from a small port town in the north of Finland, Vesa Manninen credits countless visits to his neighborhood movie house as inspiration for his passion and career. Film school in Finland led to music videos, short films, and a gig at a post-production house where, as in-house director, he further honed his visual effects expertise. It wasn't long before Manninen’s distinctive voice and vision captured the attention of film commercial companies throughout Europe and the US, including David Fincher’s A-listed commercial production company Reset Content (US).
Vesa Manninen has shot for Acura, ADT, Subway, Travelocity, Nintendo, Ikea, McDonald’s, Nokia, Mars, Volvic, Omron, as well as the world’s top advertising agencies. Prizes include Epica Awards – Gold and Bronze - for the McDonald’s commercial, “Are We There Yet?” and for the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency piece, “The Mistreated.” Disciplined, innovative, kinetic: Vesa Manninen brings a northern European style and audacity to all his cinematic work.

Vesa Manninen

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